Earthflower Spirituality

I am here to Raise the Consciousness Vibration on Earth✨

In early 2014 I started to Lightwork through my writings, and vlogs, as these are my life stories, via my own Direct Experiences or a Mirrors experience intertwined with mine, that helped to Awaken I.

However, some my poetry is expressed metaphorically, but they are truth of the Absolute Self, yet some did not unfold yet, as they are written as the Now, beyond Time, as Timeless.

The Raw Images are Chosen, as a means to attract the viewers Eyes, because I use social media as a way to target the Mass, as I am here to Raise the Consciousness Vibration on Earth.

So Not to become famous, because if it was so, I would also be doing the paid partnership in return I would get free daily marketing !

It’s ironic, some will post a Nude or bikini image, and for example, I see them quoting, “Fuck them Bitches” or such, or some others quote a masters words, and it receives 5000 or more likes.

Whilst when I post an image of my Nude Art Expression, or any Image, in bikini while in Nature, as I am using the same Illuminati strategy my friends, yet to to Spread Consciousness Truth and through the Energy of Sensuality, not Sexuality !

Because the Current Media is polluting the mass, by brainwashing the people, in what we to buy, what music to listen, what shows to watch, what to eat, the types of medicine to use, how our bodies should look like, what countries, religion, medicine, race, culture, gender, to trust, love and even to hate !

The Media is basically creating fears and doubts, and also deciding ones Sight, Actions as Reactions within this Rat Race System, as it will be programmed within Ones Unconsciousness, turning one into a sheep !

So when I Express Universal Consciousness Truth, even if I post the Most beautiful image, because the Image itself or message that will trigger some of you, about the controversial Truth, that has to do with the Transcendence of the Darkness that portrays to be one, in order to be able to Awaken One as Pure Light, or Expressing the Truth that I am a Goddess, or the Untruths of societies dog eat dog system, because of the words or image Expressed, I Receive 500 or fewer likes.

Just to show one,

A speaker of Truth is not an Identity, it is The One Consciousness,

It has No Friends, Neither Foes,

It is the All,

As the Unknown.

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