Earthflower Poetry

Hakuna Matata🐅

Today I am Celebrating,

My 33rd Birthday,

Masters are Here,

The Good Vibe Universal Tribe,

I am Home.

I Rebirth, as the Now,

I see Age, as I am Ageless,

I see Time, as I am Timeless,

I see Change, as I am Unchanged,

I see Growth, as I am Eternal,

I am Detached,

As is it really her birthday ?

Nah, I am witnessing her Magical unfolding.

Mystical, Magic, Madness, Mystery and Miracles has become my Greatest Genres.

All is just Fabulous Darling.

Hakuna Matata,

As I am Beyond this Temporarily Facade of Life,

As the Imperishable Self.

I am Thankful to God and Grateful to Flow as Consciousness,

Praise to the Highest Almighty.


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