Earthflower Spirituality


Beautiful Souls !

Wishing you a blessed day !

OJO ! If one gets a message on social media from a guy, or can also be a disguised woman, as a Spiritual or anonymous con act, or Anyone !

This person will say for one not to work with me, or to be alert by me, because for this person, I am a Fame Seeker, (narcissist, insane, schizo, Cocaine user, I do porno and pornographic photos, or whatever bullshit, he might invent and also he even creates false scandalous documentation’s with photoshop, and spread these, So Fucked Up ! However they are all LIES, NOT TRUE and NOT REAL, it is his OWN Mind Projections and Actions !

Please block or ignore this person !

It’s my ex Bhakti Mirror for over 2 years, he’s been stalking me for 3 years ! I broke of the mirroring, and he has an intense narcissistic energy, he is Obsessed and Attached by me, and he does not want to accept that we are no longer in any form of relationship !

So he will msg any artist who I just met, any photographer that wishes to shoot me, any other director or musician, photographer, artist, surfer, Yogi, known Yoga as Spiritual Teachers, so basically, Anyone, that I follow or follows me, that wishes to take a yoga class from me,or Anyone that I met, follow, I’m friends with or befriended, that I taught Yoga, that likes, msgs, or comments on my photos, videos and vice versa !

Anyone that I work in collaboration with or might work with because he is jealous and envy because of my success as an artist, and he does not want anyone to have me !

He hacked my phone, I changed the passwords for a Trillion times, So before he could see and read everything, that is why he might have or one day will contact you !

Just flow Intuitively ! Let me know if he does message, and he does it with several social media accounts so he might contact one several times !

Depends how much one views my artistry work, like, message or comment and vice versa, because he is a Hacker, so he is able to view my statistics !

So Be Wise !

I Thank you and I Love you.

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