Earthflower Spirituality

The Lover that Sees Us as Magic✨

My Beautiful Souls,

After years of being Lied at and Temporarily Manipulated, by a Mirror !

I decided not to have a Mirror relationship any Longer, with that Mirror, after he created a groupie, to spread false rumors about me, and to daily spam all my accounts !

After he met with several people, that I know just to use them and later on Harasses them, in any kind of way, to do malicious things to hurt I, or better say himself, as he hacked their stuff and has shit about them !

So if he does this again, Block Him, as others also have Deep Shit about Him ! So, he can’t do Anything ! Its a Bluff, as his Identity is refusing to lose the Battle, of Jah’s Victory !

So, he copy my pilgrimage, as he read it months prior in my notes on my phone, as he wanted to pretend that he doesn’t stalk nor hack my simple life daily, so as a coward, he started to tell some people that I am Vaine or even Schizo, As he hacked the clinic’s computer and Changed the Results of a Medical Report of almost a year ago, with PhotoShop, as he created other scandalous Lies this way, about me !

Sometimes I scream, at the Hacked phones, it’s for him to hear, as I can feel all Empathically as Telepathically, he uses this to Manipulate others !

A team on me ? He Hacked 2 Phones of mine, just to listen to I 24/7 ? Is this Sane ? No thats Obsession !

He pretends to have a girl, yet it was because of all the Shit that he does, and never saying sorry, is why I had to Stop this Bhakti Mirroring !

As I dont want to see Him, and he knows this CLEARLY !

So, if He contacts you, or if someone In that Team, comes with a Spiritual or Anonymous Account, and say that I do pornographic pics, or I’m in Porn, into Fame, snore Cocaine, or that I am even Schizo,or whatever, it is him or them as a Con Act, through a Any Account, projecting their own shit, and Lies !

Please contact me !

Because, he is Obsessed and Attached by me, so he feels like he is losing me, yet I was never Yours, so he acts narcissistically, and he will contact family, friends, foes, and followers !

So, Be Wise, Flow Intuitively !

Because, Only if he publicly apologizes, for all the Insanity that he has caused, will he then be Sane and Awakening as Presence !

As for Frida and I, are here, for The Lover that Sees Us as Magic.

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