Earthflower Spirituality

“One Love, One Heart, Lets Get Together, and Feel Alright”

“One Love, One Heart,

Lets Get Together, and Feel Alright,

Give Thanks and Praise to the Lord, and you’re Gonna Feel Alright”

One Love and One Heart is One Consciousness,

As Consciousness is Love and Heart is also Consciousness !

We are not our Form, Race, Culture, Religion, Believes, Ideas, neither our Concepts.

We are not White, Black, Yellow, Red nor Brown,

This is only the Temporarily view of the Self, it’s own Optical Illusion,

It’s Projection of One Consciousness,

Within its Diverse Human Race, Animal Kingdom and Nature.

As Earth is the Play of Duality,

It is the Experience of Birth, Dead, Eternal Life and even Beyond Life as the Absolute Self.

Everything within this Play consist of Consciousness, as in Truth all is Love,

As the Unconsciousness or Ego Mind, which is the Lowest Vibration can only be a Temporarily creation of Love, which is the Highest Vibration.

This is the Power of Consciousness.

All the Downfalls and also the Rises happens through Consciousness, yet in Truth we are Beyond the Rises and the Falls.

As Love is Consciousness, and all projections of the Maya, is also Consciousness.

Thus, In Truth Everything is Love, when seeing Life from its Highest Perspective !

One only has to Transcend the Dualistic Mind in order to See this for Oneself,

When Bob sings, One Love, One Heart, He is Expressing One Consciousness,

Meaning to all Human Beings,

Let’s Get Together and Feel Alright !

Forget the Fussing and the Fighting, all of which is None-Sense !

As True Power is,

Freedom, Love, Peace, Oneness, and Universality !

When seeing at Life through the Eyes of Consciousness,

One Sees itself, and One Recognizes itself in all others, as all is One Consciousness and so also One Love.

Here one has No Expectations !

As we are all The Same Light, from The Same Source, that Connects all of Life, as

One Consciousness,

One Flower of Life,

One Family of Light,

So to All Soul Brothers and Soul Sisters,

We are One Love,

In Honor of my Biggest Inspiration in Life,

Happy Birthday my Beloved Bob Marley,

Your Biggest Fan❤️💛💚


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