Earthflower Spirituality

Jah Children’s👽

So why is it crucial that the Social Media Companies to regularly, wipe clean the Fake Accounts ?

So, If one person reports a account as Spam, this account will immediately Vanish !

However, the way these Kid Reports Ones Accounts, is the following.

So, if they see whatever posts of yours that their Egoic Mind does not like, they will go on their Fake Accounts, just to try to Fuck up your Game !

So by choosing the report button, and afterwards the it’s inappropriate button, then suddenly one sees these words appear, I believe this Accounts violates Instagrams community guidelines.

After one clicks this, the following question appears, Why are you reporting this account ? And two selections will show up, One is to report a photo, video, or comment, if this option is clicked, The program will show One how to report a post or profile for abuse or spam.

Now, if one chooses the other option which is, to report the account itself, these further options appear, posting annoying content, posting spam, posting inappropriate content, this profile is pretending to be someone else, might be posting my intellectual property without authorization !

Now doing this research by taking these simple steps, showed I, that the Fake Accounts, Repeatedly Reported my Accounts for Insomniac Hours, for almost a year, to lower my explorer and home status !

You see, many people will Try to Fight you Down, when they See Jah Light !

It’s because the Ego Mind makes them feel so unworthy, not loved, not seen, not appreciated, so these words of Truth that I Write, Act and Speak has been triggering my Soul Family !

So Familia I am Here to Remind You, that I am You, you Are I, as we are One Soul, One Light, One Peace and One Love !

It is Our True Consciousness Essence !

Don’t let the Delusions of the Ego in oneself or others Entrap You, Get Up Stand Up for Your Rights and Never Give Up Jah’s Fight !

This is the Eternal Love of the Self, which is the Love of One God !

We are all Jah Children’s so Act, Talk and Walk as Jah’s Light !

Say No to the Pollution, and You Too Shall Rise !

Jah Forgives, Jah Forgets, Jah Moves On,

I Love You All, as You,

The Self,

The Truth,

I & I,


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