Earthflower Spirituality

Rise as the Eagle of Consciousness🦅

My Beauties,

Enjoy this New Earthflower Vlog,

About Not Taking Life too Fucking Seriously !

To Be Real and Truthful, when one notices the Intense Egoic Separation, that exists here on Earth.

As we are within the Age of Aquarius, and we are all Shifting from Individuality into Universality !

So the Fucking Ego is Massive on Earth, as part of the Consciousness Awakening Play, and this comes to the Ones who are seeing and understanding life within the Highest Perspective !

As everyone, is seeing life within their own Level of Consciousness !

I expose The Ego not you Personally, however the Ego that pretends to be You !

This is the PLAY !

I expose the Untruth, if its triggering you in not being able to move Forward then you are giving “Me” and ones Ego all the Power !

This is the Fucking Shit, Give Power to Truth, So Consciousness is able to Rise fully as You !

I am You and You are me, in Truth I & I is One Consciousness,

Let The Truth Remain, Dont drown oneself into the Quick Sand of the System !

Rise as the Eagle of Consciousness,

As the Awareness,

As Zions Children,

Within the Train of Freedom !


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