Earthflower Spirituality

I am the Imperishable ✨

This and last week two beings asked me for my phone nr, so, I send them.

Yet, I felt something dishonest from both their energies, to come to know today, that these two supposedly “friends” that I met more then twice, were in the group created to destroy my brand EarthFlower.

They call me a poor, wanderer, a hippie, and I find it Hilarious !

Later on today, I got to know through my own revelations from God, that the 2 people who asked me for my number are also in this moronic group, they are 7, and I know some, as I met them, yet only 2,3, or 4 times in my life, and, they are Hacking my WhatsApp and also spam my post on social, and this mediocre group, is also trying to destroy my reputation.

I know of them, because I have my Soldiers of Jah, and they can see all these actions through the web !

So these basic hachers are planning to wipe my phone, website and my pages clean, just because they judge themselves !

I befriended some of these G’s ! And this is how you monkey’s repay me, by Fucking with my Consciousness Art Work, my 3 years of writings and poetries, and videos, while you were doing I guess, Nada !

Who does this ? A Blind Ego, An Unawakened Mind, A Jealous and Envious Delusional and Confused Identity, a Con Artist, all of which derives from the Dualistic Egoic Mind, and they call themselves Gurus, illuminated, Awakened ones, Cultured Beings, Gods and Saviors !

Please Sleepers, the One who tries to destroy Light by being Dark, is an Ignorant Fool !

Use your Time, to Awaken as the Self !

Be Responsible for your own toxic energy and Never place this shit onto another !

Now, to all the Ladies I have blocked as now unblocked, it was because I have been informed by a Soldier of Jah, that is Able to check my Statistics out, that all of you come daily on all of my pages, because you heard False rumors about me from the one person who continual lies about me, he flirted with you guys, he dumped your asses, Now you hate me, and you come everyday on my pages to copy cat or steal my words, No Fucking Way, Stop it Haters !

As, I don’t stand for Untruth !

Only for Justice !

Don’t Preach what you are Not,

Be Fucking Real !

Now, You can’t Touch I,

As I am the Imperishable,

Jah Live.

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