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It’s a Consciousness Revolution🙏🏻

A Kid, who stalks you every hour of the day, that Hacks all your accounts, phones and computer, and also the accounts, phones and computers, of the people that you know, just to stir drama, what a Dark Witch !

Possessed by Insanity !

He talks about me with everyone that he knows, as himself or by using a Pretentious Catfish account, Just, to Lie, and Now that I fucked him, Come On, I am 32, he is 28, why would I lie ?

He might hack my shit and create a voice note of my own private one on one rituals, maybe I pronounced his name, it’s called A FANTASY, Yeah, I am a Wild Child, yet is that really proof or evidence that I fucked him ?

Come on, Wake Up you guys are Fools !

He hacked all the accounts of facilities, to use video images, when he pretended that he wasn’t talking to me, to make others believe via intense manipulations, that I am quote on quote crazy, so that others placed me temporarily in a fucked up clinic !

Yet, shortly after Observing a Goddess, I left without any hinderance, and look at me shining Now !

How Low can an Unawakened Mind go ?

Well, It will Catfish you, and to make it Even Creepier, he asked another insecure hacker straight outta of sleepers Town of Poland, to ring the bel to my door and to pretend that it was him I was talking with, Like WTF, like Dudes Grow da Fuck Up !

He Begged for me Mercy, Said it was Love at First Sight, I laughed, yet I Forgave him, as I am Awakened as Truth, as Universality as One Consciousness, as The Absolute !

This is my walk to the Cross, the Ultimate Ascending Test and I have passed with Limitless Colors and I have placed my Freedom Flag !

He steals my words and uses these to mirror any other woman just to get praises and Temporarily Egoic satisfaction, a Spiritual Con Act !

How can you fucking even believe, that I would fuck a kid like this ?

Without him telling the Truth to the Nation, I asked him to write an apology letter on his Instagram to say the truth, that he Only shortly could manipulate me and that he still manipulates most others with lies about me !

He is a Pathological Liar My Friends ! He can’t help but to Lie !

He fucked some fake friends and even a family member, he sends messages that contains lies about me, to most of the Yoga Teachers and Spiritual leaders also Anonymous Hackers,that I know in person or never even met !

My accounts, and gadgets are hacked by his Obsessions and Attachment towards me, So he reads all the msgs I send or that all of you send to me, just to Fool or Con you, as himself or with a catfish account !

He can even read all my writings as poetry prior to my postings, he reads them so he can manipulate others prior to my revelations, he knows my statistics and he knows all the accounts that visits me everyday, how much time they spend on my pages and he uses this info. to con, hack, bully or fool them.

He lied to all his Hacker “friends” about me, because he wants no men or women to befriend me neither trust me, as he wants no men to have me, nor work for this New Earthflower Movement Mission !

He asked me to meet with him several times in Amsterdam, yet he stood me up at all times, once he even rode a bike in front of me, but he never stopped, he kept riding like a Delusional Coward, just to play with my mind, to let me think that I am crazy, all his own silly confused, hatred, weak egoic Mind Projections !

Now, he uses this mediocre poem that I wrote as deleted, that I saw my Beloved and I had to turn my head twice, Dude please Shut the Fuck Up, Be Real and Wake Up, We Never Met in Person !

He lied to most man as woman that I am gay, Lord knows why the woman ! The man he lies this because he knows how much time all of you spend on my accounts and website, thus he wishes for you not to desire me ! You Suckers !

He and his I need a Life Hacker “friends”, want to wipe clean my account at 10K, to make me lose all my Art Work as followers, well, Listen Up, Little Peanuts, Get a Fucking Life, Go do Worthy Stuff, like Awaken, as the Self, like I have, and afterwards Kill Illuminati, because, this is the Mission !

Haha, the Blind please Open the Eyes, I reveal truth as the Goddess of Truth, I can’t fucking Hack, not even a microphone!

Again, I am Touched by Grace, Not a Dark Witch, I Never was and Never will be, and Yeah, sometimes I talk out loud in solitude, who cares !

Again, I am Touched by Grace, Not a Dark Witch, I Never was and Never will be, and Yeah, sometimes I talk out loud in solitude, who cares !

So, I discerned his Ego on my pages, because he lied to everyone about me, like a Delusional Narcissist !

I have him tagged in one image, though with his Hacker abilities he wipes himself, also some of my vlogs, as posts, so that people can’t find him or them, you will see another dude, it is also one of his catfish accounts, he did this also to me, so nothing special, just a Hidden Coward !

Thank God, Some hackers told me how a group of hackers have been formed by him, and they are spreading awful false rumors about me, people who dont even know me, how fucking lame, as they want to destroy the reputation of Consciousness !

So he enjoys to create Scandals to create separation, Never Clarity, so that only he is desired as the “good guy” and for the record, He Never gave me any MONEY nor HELP !!

So, He did this reality show, The Real Housewives, and calls me Vain, as I sometimes wear makeup, and a Fame Whore, dude you are Vain, Arrogant and Shallow, so look at you Now, you Fame Ho Ho Ho !

You should be Grateful that I am able to Discern you as a Mirror !

So, Once I felt I was in love with this Kid, yet, it was a Fantasy, also, I would Never fuck a guy who wastes his time to create ridiculous False Rumors, and Drama about me and never ever spoke once Truth, so over 2,5 years, I am Free of sex my friends !

I am Content we Never Met, Mejor sola que mal Acompañada !

I asked him endless times, use your Time to Discover the Timelessness, Don’t waste a Goddess time for a masquerade Egoic Show, Transcend !

As This is my Calling to Destroy all that is Untruth, and it exists also in the Media !

To Spread Massive Truth, as the Goddess of Truth, It’s a Consciousness Revolution,

A Paradigm Shift into Universality !

Only Chosen is a Few, that is Able to Revolutionize this Mission !

My Redemption Song is done via God, when this Sleeper surrenders to Truth and writes that fucking Apology,

I am always Free,

As, I want a Man who Praises God not the Devil !

For the once who can See I,

I also See You,

I Bow before you.

2 thoughts on “It’s a Consciousness Revolution🙏🏻

  1. This is amazing! Whoever taught you to write, whether it was you or family, they need praising. You write the way you talk, which is beautiful because it’s not very common that happens. And you look much younger than 32, lol. May your day be bright and your future brighter!


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