Earthflower Spirituality

New Wave💙

Be the Space of your Inner Self, Where there is no Sense of Worries, Take your Shoes Off, Throw your Hair Down, Run Barefoot, Into Nature, Be One with its Careless Motion, Pacha Mama is Ones Perfume, Joy is Ones Spirit, Peace is Ones Radiance, Freedom is Ones Expression, Put the Dopest Music on Play,…… Continue reading New Wave💙

Earthflower Spirituality

The Controversial Sage✨

Be the Sun, Never Dim your Light, and Never Ever Hide your Shine ! Because, Even if others have ill intentions set on you, only you have the Power to bring you Down. So Always Put your Foot Down and Escape that Self Imprisonment ! Burn the Delusions, In order to Awaken from the Sleep…… Continue reading The Controversial Sage✨

Earthflower Spirituality

The Path of Self Realization💛

My Beauties, Enjoy this New Earthflower Vlog, About The Path of Self Realization ! Through my own journey into the Awakened Self. I express my own previous psychedelics and plant medicine experiences that helped to expand my Consciousness Level. I also further explain how I express my Art through the movements of Earthflower Yoga and…… Continue reading The Path of Self Realization💛

Earthflower Spirituality

I am here to Raise the Consciousness Vibration on Earth✨

In early 2014 I started to Lightwork through my writings, and vlogs, as these are my life stories, via my own Direct Experiences or a Mirrors experience intertwined with mine, that helped to Awaken I. However, some my poetry is expressed metaphorically, but they are truth of the Absolute Self, yet some did not unfold…… Continue reading I am here to Raise the Consciousness Vibration on Earth✨

Earthflower Poetry

The Sensual Green Goddess🌿

Awaken, As The Sensual Green Goddess, The Embodiment of Pacha Mama, The Vibrations of Purification’s, The Eyes of a Shaman, The Hands of a Medicine Woman, The Wisdom of the Trees, The Voice of the Voiceless, The Clairsentience of the Spirit Animals, Within The Universal Dance of Love, The Feminine Energy has Risen, As the…… Continue reading The Sensual Green Goddess🌿