Earthflower Poetry

Mystical Eyes👁

I listen to the informants,

I Slay,

Their Evil Con Attacks,

With the Counter Attack of Consciousness,

It is Infinite Ananda,

As it Demolishes the Impure,

Into its Natural Purity.

I see them Pirates running infront of I,

Confused as Delusional,

What a Masquerade Show.

Yet, It is all Fabulous Darling,

As this Play is the Creation of I, and

Everything is Unfolding as it should.

The Mystery is revealed through the Mysterious,

Time appears as a Projection,

I Flow as a Wild Child of Love,

As the Savior of the Earthlings,

I am Dancing as Freedom.

Within this Movie called Life,


As Timelessness,

I am Observing all,

Through the Lens of Consciousness,

As the Awareness,

I am Stillness,

I am Unmoved.

Gaze into these Mystical Eyes, and

I will take you Home.


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