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Don’t Let this be her last creation🎨

I was recently presented with this Mission from God, as is also within my new Path of a Medicine Woman, within the Earthflower Movement fund raising community, that serves other mirrors, that cannot serve themselves, at the time of their calling !

So, I will share the story of this Radiant 52 year old Wild Flower, named Inge.

She is an Amazing as Talented Dutch Artist, who has been living on the Caribbean island of Curaçao for the past 9 years, she has been recently tested tremendously by life itself, as she is currently battling a malicious tumor, that is called colon cancer.

Yet, she Courageously chose to Fight this battle of cancer, by healing this cancer by following an alternative cancer treatment program, with the usage of an Alkaline Diet, combined with the Rick Simpson Cannabis Oil Treatment, as she also did the Liposomal Vitamine C Treatment and and lots of supplements to upgrade her health.

Now, because this is a aggressive tumor, and her insurance won’t cover the Alternative Cancer Treatment, we are in a mission, to Desperately Raise 55,500 dollars, to Fund her Wish, to further be treated for five weeks, by recognized professionals at the Oasis of Healing, which is a Science and Nature in Balance Comprehensive Alternative Cancer Care Program situated in Arizona, of the United States of America.

So it all started 6 months ago, just before she travelled to the Netherlands for the Birth of her granddaughter, it is when she sadly discovered this malice tumor.

As she had to rush to the hospital, because she thought that she had just suffered a bladder collapse, as she investigated the symptoms prior on the internet, however, from the shocked look on the surgeon’s face, she could then see, that something was not right.

He immediately suggested an ultrasound scan, the result from this scan was not a positive one for her, as she soon discovered, that she has a malicious tumor.

The Surgeon then suggested that she had to do more tests and scans to be prepared for an operation, with radiation and chemotherapy.

This Earthflower Movement new mission, Don’t Let this be her last Creation, so meet this Amazing Warrior and Artist named Inge, she is currently diagnosed with an aggressive tumor, called colon cancer.

The results of the MRI Scan, with the Radiologist shows that the Tumor is 3.2 centimeter, which is the size of an small egg.

Because, she knows that the traditional cancer treatments, such as Radiation and Chemotherapy, gives her a very low survival rate, because chemotherapy, is the injection of poison into ones body, and radiation, itself causes cancer, she has chosen to decline this treatment !

She chose, The Road Less Travelled, because God has placed Plant Medicine onto Earth, so that man is able to Cure itself from all diseases.

She started with the Rick Simpson Treatment, of Cannabis Oil, this she takes twice, and daily, as this part of the cure is very crucial, as it has proven, that it will help calm the mind and it diminishes the pain, as it will kill cancer cells.

She also changed to an alkaline Diet, this means that she no longer consumes sugar, carbs or meat, as sugar lets the tumor grow, so she opted to do a strict juicing diet.

So she makes herself daily green vegetable or cabbage juices, as drinking this, will stop the growth of the tumor, because cancer cells dies from oxygen, so the body has to be Rich in Oxygen, at all times !

She also did the Liposomal Vitamine C Treatment, which helped, as it gives oxygen in the body and helps to get the tumor into regression.

Now, as no Insurance wants to cover an all Natural Medicine Treatment, Inge, Desperately, needs this Support, as the Doctor’s on the Island of Curaçao, now, refuse to see as treat her, because she chose for an Alternative Cancer treatment.

So she Needs to fly to Arizona asap to be treated for five weeks at the Oasis of Healing, which is one of the best, Science and Nature in Balance Comprehensive Cancer Care Program.

So Please by funding, what one feels from Heart, as One is Giving Inge, A CHANCE OF LIFE !

So to be able to Support this Cause click the link in our bio,

We thank you Angels,

With Gratitude🌸

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