Earthflower Poetry

Bring I the Moon🌕

Taken ?

Never !


Don’t make I Laugh Some more,

I have been Single for almost 4 years !

These Years of Solitude have Yielded,

The Most Enlightenment for I.

As the Identity Died,

To Awaken I,

As a Goddess !

Now, Want to Date I,

I Say Say,

Bring I the Moon,

Metaphorically, that is !

Well, If you Lied to the Mass about I,

Yet, your Heart,

Still, Longs for I,

Apologize to that Mass !

A Knight like that,

I will Embrace !

Cause if You Dared to Lie that you did Tap That, within the last 2,5 years of my life, Show I the PROOF, or the EVIDENCE , 

Hahaha, as NONE EXISTS, because you NONE Did !

What a Beggar for Love,

Who needs to lie that they Tapped that,

And why would I lie that I never even met you in person ?

Like I give a Fuck to lie, about just having decent sex !

I have NOTHING to HIDE, I am Raw, Authentic as Truthful !

If it happened, I would Agree, But It never happened, we never even met in Person, cause you NEVER EVER came to see I !

Yet, You have to mention my Name to Every Stalker, making I having to even Write your Fucking Name and also about your Egoic Facade !

As you guys continually Spread False Rumors about I !

What an Obsession !

BeCause, You only Wish you had I !

Get a Fucking Life !

Jeez, just Kill that Egoic Needy Identity !

To Recognize the Self,

Only Then, you can Also Recognize I,

As, this is the Expression,

of the Highest Almighty,

Now, Tap That,

Fo Shizzle, My Nizzle.

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