Earthflower Spirituality

See the Inner Beauty, that radiates through the Eyes🌿

Bad Publicity is also Publicity, as these people have a Clever way to try to Mind Fuck Us, as this is Marketing as Branding !

Now to Rise above the Mass Manipulations of the Media, One has to Awaken from the Sleep.

As, when the deprogramming of Ones Ego Mind occurs, will One Remain as the Self, as these exact Mind made Programmings creates a Sheep Mentality.

Because, we have been Innocently following the Manipulations of the Media since childhood, by watching the thousands of TV commercials, or by listening to the same commercials on the Radio, or by watching the thousands of Advertisements in the Magazines.

So, One is Hooked on these Brands without even being Aware of it, as their branding as marketing, has partly formed Ones Own Subconsciousness, which is also the Ego Mind.

So if one needs a Sneaker, because of the millions of ads paid by Brand N, Ones brain serves like an antenna and it immediately connects to the Mind, Now, it will show one exactly what exists in it, and suddenly Brand N feels like the best option, however, if it’s Ad’s were not mostly seen as heard, it would never even exist in the Mind, as an option !

As kids it was Brand CB, mostly because MJ did the propagandas for them !

So, Brand H, knew that the AD would create a Massive Boost through Word of Mouth.

As, it wants to be talked about, searched through the web, as for most to visit its website, so at the end One buys something, so it might only lose some clients, yet it will gain a million more ! As this is Mass Branding Manipulation !

The thing is I always liked Brand H, yet, the hidden message on the AD, might make some feel, bullied, as discriminated.

But, if One just Sees through the Eyes of Love at the Child, to let go of the Personal Dualistic Ego Mind, that focuses on Duality, as in color, race, sex, as words, just remain as Heart, so One Sees Spirit, as Love, which is also the Self.

So, I say, Do Not Let this AD, Limit ones Chance, to See that we are not the Temporarily illusionary Matter, that in Truth we are Energy beings as, One Consciousness.

See the Inner Beauty, that radiates through the Eyes, even if someone might be Temporarily Disguised.

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