Earthflower Poetry

The Heart as the Absolute Self💚

Within these Movements,

I Remained, as Stillness.

I am the Essence of Love.

As Water, Pours into Water,

It Cleared the Shadows Away.

As I Ascended, into the Heart,

As the Absolute Self.

A Mantra for Everyone,

I am the Eternal Space of Consciousness, 
I am the Awareness, 

For this, I can Never be taken over by any challenge neither obstacle,

As, I am beyond the Experiences,

As the Untouched Self.

A Prayer For Nature,
The Light that makes I, I extend onto the Oceans, the Rivers, the Sea, the Mountains, the Animal Kingdom, as the Human Kingdom.
For the Spirit of Love, is within Everything, as so All is Love.
For the Spirit of Peace, is the Essence of All, as so All is Peace.
I Pray for the Awakening of All into the Highest Truth of the True Self.
And so it Shall Be Done,
I love you ALL,
We are One,


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