Earthflower Spirituality

The Divine Goddess of Sensuality🌸

Its So Ironic, that I only knew some known Youtube Hackers from my 9 year old Nephew.

As, he told me once, that when he grows up he wanted to become just like the YouTube Hackers, that he knows, and I felt like he was the most adorable Geek !

As, I knew what Hacking was, from the Conspiracy theorists, of which I have followed over the years, as I am also one that enjoys these type of conversations, yet no-one that I knew, at that time, told me that they are Professional Hackers.

Until last Year, when my ex Mirror, started to Expose his Hacking Abilities, and I was very Shocked to Discover what Hackers can do, Some are even able to hack a Microwave, so I was Stunned !

Like, What The Fuck ?! As, I grew into Technology, I was born in 1985, yet, I can’t do what these Nerdies do today, it’s a gift !

So, Now that I know a lot of Hackers, what I have Discovered is, that most of them, are using this gifted ability, from their Egoic Mind, and not at all from Heart.

As, most of them have Personal Hidden Agenda’s, as My Own CellPhone was recently hacked by Eight guys, and I Now know who they are.

Six of which have been Stalking me daily, and One of them for over 8 years.

Now two of these Stalkers have come to see me, yet Unannounced as Uninvited, and this was two months ago in Amsterdam, as they knew Exactly where I was.

Yet, only the Stalker of 8 years, had the courage to tell me its Truth, the other one just brought me a Rose, and he was trembling so intensely, that he could not even speak clearly, yet, they all still Stalk my pages daily.

So these men became Obsessed as Attached to my Daily Stories, and this was via their own Obsessive Hacking Abilities, as for them, it is as if they knew me so well, yet they did not, It was their own Mind Made Fantasies, Illusions as Assumptions, in wanting to be in a relationship with me.

So, this is how Identifying with the Ego Mind, becomes a daily habit, which can be Ones Own Temporarily Mind Obsession.

Now, as, for Joseph, he started to hack my phone and laptop, when he spontaneously saw a post of mine, on Twitter, Over 3 years ago.

I see it for what it is, His Own Obsessions as Attachments towards me, as it became its own living Hell, as he can Listen as See, Everything that I Say or Do.

Because he is so Insecure, he reacts as Ego wants, as so last year, he began to send Hateful messages through my social media pages, to some of the people that he had sex with, that I thought were my friends, by pretending to be me.

He Continued this Evil Show, by sending these people threatening messages, as he had sex with them or he met them once, so he manipulated them, in not saying the truth to me, as he would expose another secret, that he knew about them, he also send other‘s ridiculous messages, through my Social Media Accounts, again to pretend to be me, as he always seems to have my passwords, my accounts as gadgets hacked, so he can also read all my poetries as writings before I post them.

So, this Blind EGO harassed these people, through my accounts, as so for this many unfollowed me.

He also created hundreds of “Spiritual” Catfish accounts, he uses fake photos, fake name, fake profession, fake country, fake sex, fake race, also it can be a man or a woman’s image, to then send some Known “Spiritual People”  private messages which contained a False Rumor, about me !

So, you been fooled by a “Spiritual” Cat Fish as Con Artist, Now, is you believed the False Rumors as Continued to Spread it, it says, that you are not Awaken in Truth, as you Identify with the Lower Vibrational Thoughts, Actions as Reactions of the Ego Mind, which lives within Duality, and which believes in False Rumors.

Lastly, last year, he Hacked my Facebook account, to steal money, as by starting a Go-Fund Me, this Shit was Never Mine !

Now, for the Record I Never Met Nor Slept with this Kid, because he is still a Lying, Hidden Coward !

I have been purifying my temple for the last 2,5 years, for the Highest Vibration of Non-Dual Love, I ain’t letting a Womanizer Use Me, this Kid has girls all over !

Don’t make me Laugh people, as This Goddess will be soon placed, on a bed of Roses !

Shakti is Dancing as I,

So, No Obsessive, Manipulative, Narcissist, Stalker, as Con Artist is Able to Claim I, rather Redeem yourself !

I am The Divine Goddess of Sensuality,


As the Scent is of Flowers.

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