Earthflower Spirituality

The Goddess of Truth🌿

It is the One Consciousness, as The ALL, its Expressions are Unlimited.

Yet, an Unawakened Soul, thinks it has only one Life to Live, now, An Awakened Soul, has Discovered, it is Eternal Life, as so it is Everything, as even Beyond, as Pure Nothingness.

We, Incarnate within all Dimensions as Planes, so, Life on Earth, is one of the Incarnated Lives, as all Incarnations yields Awakening.

Now, Earth, is the Experience of Duality, as, within this Matrix, One Incarnates, as a Soul that resides within a Temporarily “Human Form”.

The Form is seen as Matter, yet Matter is in Actuality Only Energy, as Science, has also Proven this, so, when Ones “Identity” or Form “Dies” one Remains as Soul, which is also Consciousness.

This is why Life is Magic, as The Magician created its own Temporarily Magical Playground.

The Magician is Consciousness, Its Magic, is The Circle of Life, as within, this Expression of Duality, one Experiences the Opposite of Polarities.

So, the Human Beings, the Animal Kingdom, the Plants, Trees, Rivers, Oceans as Mountains is what is Nature, as within the Grand Picture, even, the Objects as the Buildings, is Nature, as in Truth, they are solely Energy, which is Consciousness.

So without Judging, yet Discerning,

Earth, Wind, Water, Air, and Fire is Consciousness, which is all of Life, which is Nature.

Earth is a temporarily School, all the Experiences are masterfully designed to Awaken One, as the Self.

The Mind which is the Unconsciousness, creates the Experience of thoughts as sensations of Duality.

The Identifications with the Thoughts as Sensations creates a Temporarily Identity, which enables emotions of Suffering, Pleasure as Pain, yet this is what Consciousness wants, which is the Experiential Life.

For when the Identity becomes too intense for its host body, Consciousness, itself will Demolish its Illusionary Limitations, to Remain as the Limitless, therefore, Duality Transcends into Universality, as Mind Merges into Heart, as so, One Emerges as the Self.

I Bravely Surrendered to God, I have Let Go of All Control of the Egoic Mind, To Walk Fearlessly as the Unknown.

As so, It Takes Immense Courage,

To Awaken as the Goddess of Truth.



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