Earthflower Spirituality

Let Everyone Grow their Own Medicine at Home🌿

How can One Deny Plant Medicine ?

As, only the Egoic Mind,

Is in a State of Denial.

As the Government, Rejects what it Wishes to Control, which are Things that makes them Money.

As the Pharmaceutical Companies Gave them “Power”.

Yet, True Power is to become the Master of the Ego Mind, as this yields Enlightenment.

Because, Even the Greed in them, created a Marihuana Prohibition.

As, they want more Money !

So, this isn’t Total Freedom of Plant Medicine,

As, it still has Many Limitations,

And only the Ego Mind is Limited,

Heart is Limitless, as it is Responsible for all of Life.

It is the Education as the Direct Experiences with Plant Medicine, that yields total Acceptance.

As the Uneducated as Unexperienced Man lives in and as Ignorance,

They Say Ignorance is Bliss, as it might give One Temporarily Satisfaction,

Yet, The Blind will always be a Fucking Sheep !

Only, The Awakened One, is Liberated,

through Understanding, as Direct Experience.

As, so it is Able to Speak Truth,

From the Wiseness of the Self,

This is Eternal Bliss !

To Discover who One really is, through the Inward Recognition of the Self !

As by Discovering the Self, One Recognizes everything Else, as, One Consciousness.

As, for Plant Medicine,

It is the Purest, as the Highest Vibration,

Of Universal Consciousness.

Let Everyone Grow their Own Medicine at Home !

“Legalize it, Don’t Criticize it”

Jah Rastafari.


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