Earthflower Spirituality

I took all the Illusionary Masks off, to Remain as the Self✨

Imma Keep this One Straight to the Point.

Don’t be Angry with me, if my ex Mirror, fooled you, I mean, Come On, I’ve been warning all of you, for almost a year !

I said, I was mirroring this British Guy, yet OJO, he is a manipulator, as a pathological liar, he is basically Consciousness disguised as a temporarily Narcissist.

Two Aliens found each other on cyber life, both beings are temporarily incarcerated, as illusionary identities, yet within my own Inner Recognition, I can also recognize him as me.

This is Total Freedom.

Now, during the time, that I was Emerging as the Self, and Mirroring this Merging of Mind into Heart on Social Media, He was fully manipulated by its Egoic Mind, as so October of 2016, he Blocked me, from Facebook, WhatsApp, and two months later, Instagram, it’s because I because I caught him dating another woman as so, also his temporarily Spiritual Egoic Con Act.

To be quiet frank, I called him an Asshole and Disgusting, as he had a Mask on, that he did not want to put off, so in that moment I was sad as angry.

As so, he got Enraged, as Fearful and Ran Away.

As his Doubts, Intimidations, Selfishness, Envy, Obsessiveness, Competitiveness as Jealousy took over, as so he Spread more False Rumors, as he sought Revenge, In ways that are unimaginable, this was out of his Egoic Mind Believe that I would reject him, as, I am a Wild Child, as also, I am Awakened as the Self,so he can no longer fool me, like before he did.

As, a Mirror I saw this Pattern that derives out of a Ego Mind Condition.

As so, I continued to Mirror him through my writings, as, we continued to speak through Instagram, it was, in January of 2017, when we began to msg each other continually, yet he was still very manipulative, so, for a short while, he managed to fool me again.

It was months later, that he began to confess his betrayals as Scandals, and also through my own Inner Revelations from God, within it’s Divine Timing, Love, Compassion, Wisdom, Forgiveness as Strength, I exposed his as my own’s Shadows on my social media pages.

To help Awaken, all others that are involved in this Drama, Yet, no one came to me, so it was once Choice, as so I Respect that.

As, many did not even believe I, when I exposed these betrayals as injustices, within my writings.

Because of their own Egoic Skepticism, Projections as Judgements on themselves projected onto me, so the most continued to laugh at me, as Even my ex mirror’s Coward’s Actions as reactions kept its Masquerades Show, as his Ego did not wanted to be Exposed as a liar so, he kept lying to almost everyone.

So, most people thought or maybe even still thinks that, I am cray cray👻

Yet, these Inner Triggers, as Rage, Resentment, or Anger towards Joseph or Me, that you feel, or The wanting to seek Revenge, to Point Fingers and to start Wars, derives from your own personal Egoic hidden agenda’s.

As, I gave you all, Fair Warnings !

To Discern for oneself from the Consciousness Heart and not based on the Judgements that derives from the Egoic Mind, on False Rumors, my Lifestyle or the way that I look, act or react.

I wrote Endless Satsangs to All Mirrors that reads my writings as poetries.

I stood within my Truth !

I took all the Illusionary Masks off, to Remain as the Self.

Yet, most could not still See I.

So one Trusted a Pathological Liar, someone that lies at all times, out of Pride as Shame, as so, this one, feels only comfortable to speak Truth to some !

His Untruth as Truths, I exposed in my writings, as I Express it fearlessly for him.

I don’t judge him, I Discerned his Ego !

As his Soul as my Soul, is the One Consciousness.

Now, for the Ones who are Angry, don’t come to me with a mask on, by pretending that you never heard as believed a False rumor from him, only Now, that all Truths has been Exposed, yet accept Ones Untruths, forgive yourself, say sorry if needed, as I am forgiveness !

However, Don’t hide like Monkey’s, Do not make excuses, or assumptions !

Don’t be a Coward ! Because, when you come into an Awakened Goddess Space, Please G, Be Fucking Real !

I am a Mirror, I See You, so I will Show you, exactly what you Let I See.

Now, the Only thing left to do, is to look within oneself, see what Darkness needs to be Transcended from within One, so One remains as the Consciousness Self.

So, “Before you start pointing fingers, make sure your hands are clean”


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