Earthflower Spirituality

The Soldiers of Jah❤️💛💚

A Speaker of Truth has no more Friends as no more Foes.

As, it is the One Consciousness, that resides as all Beings, I speak One Truth, the Truth of Life.

As, I Discovered that I am not an identity, person, personality nor individual, as so I Remained Free.

Now, I do Not take Anything nor Anyone Personally anymore, as, I have Recognized that I am also You.

However, I also feel the Low Vibrational Sensations, of betrayal, anger, sadness, rage, as injustice, coming and going within my Endless Space, yet I

always know they are apart of I.

As, so I choose to Ignore them, I do not not Give these Sensations, Thoughts, neither Anyone my Power.

I Only Speak as Stand in my Truth, as Needed !

As so, I interact as act only as Consciousness, which is as Universal Presence.

Universal Presence is knowing I am Everything.

It is ONLY when One discovers this Truth, One can work as the War of Consciousness.

As, these are the Soldiers of Jah !

The Play of No Shame !

They work through and as One Consciousness itself, which is the Universal Flow.

This is the Flow of Discernment and Never Judgement.

Now, First, One has to Expose its own Psychological Egoic Mind, as when one Discerns what is deriving from Mind and what is coming from Heart, one eliminates all Mind pre-programmings, to Remain as the Self, and this can only occur via ones own Direct Experience, and not by reading a book, or just by believing in a Master’s words, as this brings Temporarily knowledge, as so this one becomes an Educated being, rather than an Awakened being.

It is Totally Different.

Education yields concepts, theories, ideas as philosophy, however, it Forms the Basis of the Mind, yet, Inner Discoveries is deprogramming from this Education, for the EverLasting as Consistent Inward Wisdom.

So, from the believes that derives from The Educated Psychological Mind, one Now Discovers Truth from the Inner Direct Revelations of the Eternal Self.

As, A Liberated Soul is not an Identity anymore, it has no personal agendas, concepts, ideas, theories, conditions, habits, as experiences from the Egoic Mind.

As an Identity, personality, a characteristic or persona is mainly created within our upbringing, our own past experiences, our future expectations, the environment, our culture, as our society, so in order to Remain Free, One has to Deprogram the Mind.

Only then, can One, See all Souls, as itself.

As we are all the Children of Jah, as We are One Consciousness, and I tell one, God has no Judgment !

As, God is the Absolute, its space is of Pure Nothingness.

As so, For the Creator of All,

Its Children are its most Precious.

As, Life is its Art.

The Experiences as Expressions are its Master Pieces.

The Sleeper is its own Artist,

The Awakened One is its own Artist,

Its Sight is of the Highest, it knows that All that is Painted is a temporarily play on Earth, for the Discovering of ones Unpainted Self.

All that is Tainted is just Unreal, as the Untainted is the only consistent Reality.

As, so Dont waste any time on a War on ones Own Self,

Use ones Time to Discover,

The Timelessness,

So, One can help to Awaken Oneself in the Other,

As We are in Truth,

ONE Self.


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