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Don’t Label I, as Anything🙃

In 2016, I Spontaneously changed my Diet, from eating meat to vegetarian meals, it was a decision that was made through I, as Consciousness itself.

As, I had an Inner Recognition, that we are All One Consciousness, yet, even beyond it all, as None, as this is a Divine Illusion.

So, as I was Wandering from places to places, I never had a chance to Cook a decent meal, as I was living on someone’s couch.

So from morning, or midday, because these people needed there space, as myself, I would wander the city until midnight !

So, as a Sage, I did not have much money, so I would often buy cheap food, yet, when I had a house for myself for a longer period of time, I would cook or make something for myself, all through the Grace of God.

To be honest, I transitioned, from eating meat to a vegetarian diet, without doing any research, on what needed to be replaced with the iron of the Meat

For this reason, I lost a lot of weight, I was 47 kilos at some point, now, I have gained it all back, as I urgently needed, to start a balanced meat diet, because I had immense Iron deficiency, and it helped tremendously, as I am back at my original 55 kilos.

However, The False Rumors, from my Ex Mirror’s Hateful as Jealous tendencies were, that she is bulimic, that she has an eating Disorder, that she an alcoholic, as that she snores cocaine !

As he told this to me himself, it makes I laugh !

As, I am neither Bulimic nor do I have an Eating Disorder, I am not an Alcoholic, I never had a problem with alcohol, last year alone, I went out only 4 Times, and I don’t drink at home anymore, as I have never ever snored cocaine !

However, I Do smoke Weed Everyday🙃

Now, it’s Because of the Wandering Lifestyle, the bad sleeping patterns, as not researching the vegetarian diet enough, made I lose weight.

Yet, my Light never stops Beaming, my Body is Graceful, my Hair is Real, Natural as Radiant, my Mind is Clear, and my Heart is Open.

I am within Full Health !

Mis Amores, I Transcended a Blind Insecure Girl, into An Awaken Goddess.

For this don’t Label I, as Anything !

Responsibly, as Heart, I let it Guide I,

I Don’t Define as any Diet any longer, as it will Bound I,

I Remain Boundless.

As so, I am Grateful, I Thank God.

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