Earthflower Spirituality

A Genie in Action✨

A Mirror is only able to help Awaken another as Love.

Yet, if the other Mirror, is not ready, ripe as open enough, for this inward revolution, it is best to walk away.

If I say, I used to speak with my Ex Mirror, every fucking day, I ain’t lying !

Since, when are men considered to be the most honest ?

Dont make I laugh !

As Most men are covered within insecurities, fantasies as delusions.

So, one Judges I, for my Unique as Raw Expressions, whilst I am the Master of Discerning as Demolishing Egos !

Come on, Wake Up, this is Freedom !

Now, Okay, If the one you speak with daily, exposes its Ego, says I am in with love you, and I am coming for you, and one is in Love, one Forgives, Accepts, as Remains, as Love.

He Begged I, for A Second Chance, as so I gave him.

Well, well, to my fucking surprise, after him asking I, for endless apologies, that Sleeper, Lied again, and Ran Away like a Coward.

This was out of his Jealousy, as Envy, that other men are interested in I, and out of his own Egoic Shame, Selfishness, as Pride, for what he did, as his own Intimidation’s, to be able to walk beside, a Wild Child as a Wise One, as I, also out of his Rage as Anger, that I Exposed his Ego, on my Pages !

He is so Manipulated by his Ego, as So He lies that I wish to Claim him !

People Let’s Get Real ! I Don’t need to Claim anyone !

I Laugh my Ass Off !

He Asked I, to Tag him on some of my photos, and this was only for his Page to get some Exposure, so that he can make others believe, that I create stories, that we were never ever lovers, as that we dont even talk.

I have now come to realize another Mega Betrayal, as he confessed I, many things, as it is his own Egoic Bullshit !

Now, Just, because one is disguised as a spiritual person, doesn’t mean that they are Spiritual neither Awake, as it’s just a role, as any other role of a Pastor that preaches each Sunday, while asking for money during the Services.

Its a Narcissistic Con Act.

Okay, lets say its a pretty decent one, yet its a Show !

A Role of the Ego Mind, so ones Image seems to be more Acceptable by others.

My ex Mirror Travelled, after he tried to destroy my career, he also stole my pilgrimage journey.

He did this, to Pretend that we are not involved, to look as if, I created the stories, that we are not in a relationship, neither talk.

Of Course, I removed the Fucking Tags, I am a Liberated Soul, so I don’t give a fuck if a guy wants I, or not !

This Guy is Such a Kid, Listen, Let’s Be Real, I would Never Ever Claim a 28 year old Kid, if he did not ask I, to be in a Exclusive Relationship, as Lovers !

Now, as he befriended hundreds of ” Known Spiritual People” on Instagram, He also msged them and spoke False Rumors about I, Now everyday these Sleepers read my blogs, yet, never liking anything, it is just to Copy Cat, or to spread more, False Rumors, so like ghosts they come and go, and yes, Gotcha ! Now, because you truly believe him, I have to keep Exposing him.

I Forgave the betrayals, as it was an act of Ego, not Heart, and his sin is not bigger nor smaller than anyone !

As we are Saints, yet Temporarily disguised as Sinners, it’s part of the Soul Evolution.

To Transcend the Limited Psychological Mind, into the Limitless Self, as to Discover Ones Universality.

Yeah, Yeah, Im Different, as, I am Awaken, yet, I am Breaking the “Stereotype of Yogis”

Its so Pretentious, its an Act of the Ego Mind, as where is the Fucking Darkness ?

Come on, How can one be so Posh ?

This is a Dualistic Dimension, we Experience as Express the Opposite of Polarities, One can Never Discover the Self, by Pretending to be Someone Else !

Neither by Lying, Hiding, Conning or Copy Catting !

This Spiritual Ego is called for killing, as so this Goddess is always here,

To help Mirrors, to Burn that little peanut fully, So, One can Remain, as the Self,

Now, This is a Genie in Action !

As the Seeker, has to be dead of the Identity !

Burn the Illusions, as the Pollutions,

To Rise as the Imageless,

To Be the Fearless Faceless,

To Beam the Light of the Consciousness !

Its Play has No SHAME !

One Can only “Think” I Lie,

As This One is not, yet, Awaken,

To See, Be as Feel,

As the Absolute Self,

I AM, Woke Af !

I See You,

We are One.

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