Earthflower Spirituality

The Highest Majestic Sight❤️

If Everything is the same Absolute,

Than what is different between you and I ?

Nothing !

As it is Only the Identifications with Ones Thoughts, that is Able to Create a sensation of Duality between us.

This Temporarily Play of Time, and the Opposite of Polarities, is called the Maya.

Yet, from the Highest Majestic Sight,

I Remain, as the Awareness.

As this Infinite Space,

Nothing will ever Separate,

You and I.

As, We is I.

As, I is One,

This is the Omni Presence.

As so, We are the Same,

As One Consciousness,

Seen as and within,

A Dream of the Multiple.

Yet, In Truth,

It is the Eyeless,

That Sees the Unfolding of Life,

The Creation of its Magic,

Itself, is Not, One, neither Two, Nor Three,

It is the None,

As Timelessness.

Discovering this brings I such Laughter, Now, “Does anybody Remember Laughter” ?


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