Earthflower Spirituality

I am a Dreamer, the Biggest Passionate Dreamer🦋

I am a Dreamer,

The Biggest Passionate Dreamer,

Yet, I let my Magical Dreams Unfold Spontaneously, as within Divine Timing, This is the timing that is Already set in Motion through Timelessness.

Because, to be able to Manifest something that is Good for you as for everyone else, the Stars has to be Aligned, and Only God Unfolds these Miracles, and not by the person.

As, so it is best to Remain as Consciousness, and Let it Drive Ones Vehicle.

To Be, The Road Less Travelled, it might be a Roller Coaster Ride in the beginning, thus challenging, yet it Reaps Longevity.

As, this Path brings One exactly what One Needs, which are the Manifestations of Consciousness, that is Ones Heart, which is the Unfolding of Ones Highest Consciousness Self.

As For I, this “New Year”, which I call New Now, as Time is only a concept, and I reside within Timelessness, I Remain Clear of All Intentions, as an Empty Mind, brings no Expectations, and equals Contentment.

As it is Ones Own Egoic Mind Expectations that creates Suffering, within its Timeline of things, that did not go the way it wanted.

Depressions, Sadness, Revenge, Insecurities, Anxieties, Fears as Doubts is the Forms of Suffering that derives out of the Mind Expectations. 

As Nothing happens the Way Mind has Planned or Assumes, as Life is Full of Endless Surprises.

So, Don’t put a time on your Dreams, Now, Ofcourse, The Brain is needed for certain pre-planning, yet, this is also done Spontaneously, as in Synchronicity with Life’s Unfolding.

So, To Start this “New Year”without any Intentions, is to Know that the Universe has Ones Back Always, and it already knows what is the Best for one to Receive.

At times, it is the hardship, defeat as struggles that yields Awakening, so I Trust and I have Faith, that God itself knows what is the Best for my Soul Evolution on Earth.

As, So within this Now, I am Completely Empty of all Intentions, as the Limitless, as I am Open for all that is for my Highest Good, and only the Universe Knows I the Best, for this, I Remain as Silence.

I am the Flow of the Ocean, as the Infinite Ocean, itself, I Flow, where I need to Land.

Happy New Now Beauties,

Dream On.


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