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Traditional Medicine🌿

My Beautiful Earthflowers, Enjoy, this New Earthflower Movement Vlog, as we visited the courageous Artist Inge today, We openly discuss the difference between, what we as Natural Medicine Users, consider Traditional Medicine, and what one can use in order to heal, cure or treat the body. Because, we have been brought up within a society…… Continue reading Traditional Medicine🌿

Earthflower Poetry

Mystical Eyes👁

I listen to the informants, I Slay, Their Evil Con Attacks, With the Counter Attack of Consciousness, It is Infinite Ananda, As it Demolishes the Impure, Into its Natural Purity. I see them Pirates running infront of I, Confused as Delusional, What a Masquerade Show. Yet, It is all Fabulous Darling, As this Play is…… Continue reading Mystical Eyes👁

Earthflower Poetry

Island Girls, Say One Love✌🏼

The Island Vibrations. Waking up to the crowing sounds of roosters. Sun-kissed while practicing beach yoga. Swinging, and playing in the sand. Barefoot walking is a way of Life. Mosquitos come to visit and say hi every other minute. Iguanas chilling on top of the tree branches. Wind blows softly caresses Ones face total relaxation,…… Continue reading Island Girls, Say One Love✌🏼

Earthflower Poetry


I am Unborn, Nude, Unclothed, Free, In Complete Sobriety of Society. I am the Earth, Rusty, Dusty, Fiery and Colorful. I am the Sky, Limitless, Luminous, Radiant, and Sparkly. I am the Ocean, Vast, Pure, Delightful, and Peaceful. I am the Silence inside the Chaos, I am the Stillness that appears as Movements, I am…… Continue reading Unclothed✨

Earthflower Spirituality

The Flower of Life🌼

God chose Us, As its Flowers, Its Seeds are Omnipresent, Its Scent is Blissful, Its Shapes are its own Authentic Creation, Its Colors are Glorious, Its Vibrations are Pure, Its Connections are Infinite, Its Consciousness is Eternal, Its Unfolding is Destined, Its Timing is Divine, It Poise is Grace, It Blossoms into Perfection, As, The…… Continue reading The Flower of Life🌼

Earthflower Poetry

The Undivided Awareness👑

Forget your Name, Your Birth Place, Your Age, Your Profession, Your Roles, Your Environment, Your Past, Present as Future, Forget your Identity Completely ! Now, Remain, As the Nameless, The UnBirthed, The Ageless, The Unidentified, The Free Spirit, The Limitless, The Timeless, The Universal Presence. As this is the Real You ! Eternal Life, Pure…… Continue reading The Undivided Awareness👑