Earthflower Poetry

The Grand Orchestrator of it all💙

The Joy of this Revelation,

To Discover that I am not the Darkness.

I had to Ban the Ego out of my Kingdom,

Such Laugher,

It was all a Joke.

Even the thought that I was an Identity,

I Demolished into Purity.

All other Identities are Washed into the Waves of Illumination.

Everything is the Original Self.

Now, I am Observing the Play,

As The Grand Orchestrator of it all.

I Project the Projection.

As Awareness, is the Only Eye,

It’s Sight is of Magic.

I Danced with the illusionary Darkness,

Illuminating it into its Natural Light.

It is the Perspective that suddenly Heightens.

I See beyond the Facade of Time,

As I reside beyond it, as Timelessness.

As this Space, I am Silence.

Stillness, is what I AM,

A Subtle Stillness,


As Nothing can Touch, I.

I am the Untouchable,

Beyond any Super Powers,

A Serene Empty Space,

As Pure Nothingness.


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