Earthflower Spirituality

Deprogram to the Programmed-less✨

Deprogram to the Programmed-less,

As the Matrix, Is a Mind Creation.

Viewed through the Eyes of The Self,

As a Divine Optical Illusion.

As so, One can Never be Trapped,

As One is in Truth, the Trapped-less.

It is only the Identification with the Egoic Thoughts,

that Enables temporarily Sensations of feeling Trapped.

As One is the Eye, that Sees the Thoughts as the Sensations, of feeling Trapped.

However, the One that Sees all, can never be Overpowered, by it’s Thoughts, Sensations, neither it’s Environment.

Because, if it is so, it will Never really say, I am Trapped, or it would have been Sucked in the Trap, and the Identity would Not be Able to Speak, as this, through the Consciousness Self.

As, only an Identity can say, or feel it is “Trapped”, because its habit is to identify with the limited Projections of its Egoic Mind, this creates temporary sensations of feeling “trapped”

However, As the Eternal Awareness,

One is always Aware of the Story Lines,

As, itself is Beyond it all,

As the Watcher,

The Untouchable,

Remain, Detached from the Stories,

As the Awareness,

Not as a Participant, rather as the Consistent Observer, that can even see its Participation, as all the other Participants,

As, the Spontaneous Expression of One Consciousness,

Never Identified,




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