Earthflower Spirituality

The Celebration of the Birth of Christ Consciousness✨

It’s Christmas Eve, Noche Buena

The Celebration of the Birth of Christ Consciousness,

As Yeshua or Jesus was the Proof that God Exists, and Now we can also Celebrate the Universality of Christ Consciousness, Within us All.

As Christ is also Consciousness, Yeshua exposed the Devil, which one can also call the Egoic Mind, it Kicked it Out of its Kingdom, to Remain as I AM,

Meaning, I Exist as Christ Consciousness.

This is Actually the True Celebration, which is the Revelation of Christ Consciousness, which is also our Godly as Goddess Self.

It’s the Season of Joy,

So Let’s All Be Grateful, however Let’s Celebrate as Be Thankful, for the Immense Power of Love, that resides as the All, which is the Highest Vibration of Christ Consciousness, as One Love, Every Single Now !

This is Eternal Life.

Feliz Navidad, Bon Pasku, Fijne Kerst, Merry Christmas,

I love you All,

We are One.


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