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One has to be a bit Mad, in order to Enter Mystical Land🌈

An Awakened Being, can be seen as Crazy, to the Un-Awakened One.

Yet, one has to be a bit Mad, in order to Enter Mystical Land.

Mystical is The Magic of Creation, it is to know, that we are Energy Beings, experiencing Life, within Endless Planes as Dimensions, that we are the Highest Vibration of Consciousness, inherited with Psychic Abilities, that we are NOT humans, rather that we are having a Human Experience.

Now, Imagine to Be Awakened beyond the temporarily illusion.

As, I Transcended the Ego Limitations, which granted I, with this Highest Sight.

In Discovering the Truth, that I am the Absolute Self, as knowing that I am Everything, which is that we as Forms is the One I, as One Consciousness, yet beyond the Lila, we are Pure Nothingness.

Meaning, I Discovered via Direct Experience, that all is truly a Dream, a Fantasy, a Projection, an Illusion.

That Awareness, which is also another name for the Absolute Self, is the True Eye.

Awareness means, that I reside beyond the Maya, as so, I am Aware of all Experiences, as it can only be Seen.

We all must, within this lifetime or another, Awaken, from the Sleep, which is to Discover from within, that all past, present as future, is only temporarily, as Fiction.

That the Awareness, of all the things that comes and goes, within its limitless space, is the Only Factual Truth.

However, God will test the Ones who are Awakened, it tests their Faith as Strength, as the Self.

It will put one into a Wilderness, and the Serpent Voice, will come disguised as many forms, within many tricky ways.

My Wilderness, Tested my Trust in Life as Humans, as I Discovered that I am Life, as so Life, Tested, in its own Trust in itself.

Life is Consciousness, as it is also a Destined Unfolding of God.

Because, I was “stabbed in the back” one can say, by many, that I felt, I could trust, as I was “placed” in a Battle of Dark and Light, the Darkness came from these people’s Identifications with their, Ego’s ill intentions.

As, so I had to Remain for a while Detached from the story, as Stillness, itself.

Because of this, like a bad word of mouth, the false rumors began to spread.

As, I Naively believed in, Some fucked up lies, from the one that I Trusted, this led I to create a family group chat, as to send many individual messages, as I was manipulated to believe some odd things that was not entirely true, so many became skeptical.

As the Ones who “stabbed I in the back” used a CatFish Story, that I have shared, as all other skeptical illusions about themselves as others, to seek their own Egoic Revenge.

However, back than, I was Oblivious, the Stockholm Syndrome was still lingering in I, as so some Ego’s fooled I, for a short while, as they didn’t want their Betrayals, to be Exposed.

The False Rumors were, that “She Creates Stories”, “She is Crazy”, as “It’s the Marihuana”, it was Sad, a Sage incarcerated, yet my Outer Wilderness became my Inner Stillness.

It has shown I, that not all understands Awakening, So, I accept not being Understood, yet, Don’t Judge, what you Don’t Understand !

I Unfriend, Unfollow, as Follow, again Unfollow many, multiple times, in this transition, as my Things were Hacked, and someone was sending msgs from my social media, so not me, as I am still receiving many Revelations of the False Rumors on I, this makes the intense temporarily sensations of Distrust, come and go, within my space, as so I walked away from it All.

As, I have come to Adore the Stillness on Instagram, I Now only follow a few.

I have Accepted everything, as all is for my Highest Awakening.

As, I have Risen into the New, I Ignored all that kept I bound, to Remain Boundless.

I Arose as, the Wolf of Consciousness, The Flower of Zion, The Goddess of Compassion.

My Social Media Pages is my own Freedom of Expression.

Because, until there is a body, as the vital force, the Consciousness within any form, will continue to Experience Lessons for its Growth, yet Paradoxically, it is beyond Growth.

As so, With Gratitude, I say Thank this Lesson, as I Let you Now Fully Go.

The Discovery is Beyond Mad, I tell you, but my Secret to you is,

That as the Awareness, I am still Mesmerized, by the Exquisite Sight, of the Pealing of the Old, as I Remained, as the None.

I Rebirth, as the Birds that are Flying in the Sky.

As Freedom,


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