Earthflower Spirituality

Consciousness is the Impersonalđź’™

Stigmatize I, and you Confine, I.

I AM, Meaning, I Exist.

I, Meaning, I as Consciousness or as the Awareness.

Now, one can either be Awakened or Asleep.

As, there is no in-between, because, to be Awakened, One has to Discover this Truth for Oneself.

It can never occur, by Reading or believing a Master’s Book, or Words, as the Doubts will still remain.

As, Yeshua also, said these words, “I AM before Abraham”, yet, many still, do not know the Meaning of these words via their Own Direct Experience.

They might have read some verses about it.

Yet, Many proclaim they know Truth, but to be Able to Distinguish, what is Truth or Not, One has to Practice Self Inquiry or Self Realization.

As this practice takes one Direct beyond the facade of Time, into Timelessness.

Only as Timelessness, will One get Direct Experience, as Revelations to Awaken, as the Self, as One is already the Self, and All Answers lies Within, You !

This is the Gift of Truth, it is within each one of us, The Same Truth, as The One Universal Truth.

When One Discovers this Universal Truth, via Ones Own Direct Experience, One regains it’s full Power back.

As, One has Dominated the Game of Ego, and is Now the Master of the Ego and not the other way around.

As, this one has taken its time to go within, as to Discern, what is deriving from the Inconsistent Ego Mind, as to what is coming from the Consistent Heart.

To Transcend the Egoic Identity, it’s Experiences, Habits, as Conditions.

To Break the Spell of the Maya, that is to Awaken from the Sleep.

When One Awakens from the Sleep, One is a True Game Changer, as Ones Perspective has Heightened Fully, as the Awareness, itself, and one is not seeing through the Lower Perspective of the Eyes of the Identity, anymore.

The Awakened One, does not feel superior, neither inferior than anyone nor anything, it is free of Judgements, as Entitlements, it moves solely as Heart, Intuitively, Harmoniously, Spontaneously, as Freely, as the Divine Unfolding of the Universe.

Heart is Faith, Compassion, Justice, Wise, as Fearless, it Discerns the Egoic Actions, as Reactions, to Remain as the True Self.

It is Never Ever Personal,

As Consciousness is the Impersonal,



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