Earthflower Spirituality

I am Grateful for all my Life💜

Remember to Always,

Stand Still and Be Grateful,

To what a Blessing it is,

To Experience this Magical Life.

To Say, Thank you God.

As, Gratitude is knowing that the Universe has your Back Always.

That All in Life, is meant to be as it is,

That Growth is Extended, within the Darkest Hours,

That as the Sky is Colorful like the Rainbow, our Souls are also Colorful like the Rainbow.

That we are Magic, itself,

Sparkling Colorful Lights onto Everything.

So, a Mantra for everyone, as we close this Day,

Say to oneself,

I am the Light, that Carries this Form,

I am the Breath, that Flows this Soul,

I am the Love of all Existence,

Grace is handling all that I cannot,

I Thank you God, for Everything, as for the things that my mind cannot even comprehend, I Thank You.

As All is being Resolved through you,

I Trust as I have Faith in you,

I am Grateful for all my Life,

All is Well,

Amen .


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