Earthflower Spirituality

I Only Praise, The Highest Almighty💙

Revelations Comes to those that Seek the Kingdom of God.

I am an Artist, I express myself Artistically.

To even think, that I am a Dark Witch, just because of an Artistic Expression, within a Music Video, says, One is Closed Minded.

I was asked Spontaneously, as an Artist, for my participation for a Role of Dark Gypsy, that turned into a “Dark Witch”, and I Acted my friends, that is Acting !

The Expression, was done in a Neutral State, as I was Not Judging the Role !

As To an Awakened Being, Nothing is Good nor Bad, as these thoughts derives from the Egoic Mind, and I transcended this Mind, thus, all I Express is done Freely, Openly as Responsibly, and never giving a fuck what others think of I, as so I DID IT.

As, an Artist’s I needed to Express a Role through Acting.

Its Called, Lights, Camera, Action !

Since a child, I preformed through Dancing, Singing, as I did many Music Videos back in the days, I have Always Expressed through The Arts !

The Earth is my Stage, I am the Artist as Consciousness, expressing Art within, a temporarily human life.

Now, the Acting within this music video, Showed Consciousness itself, disguised, as a Dark Witch.

Yet, Ironically, I NEVER EVER did Black Magic, Yet They Think They Can Touch I !

However, If playing Ojija at age 15 with some friends, is considered black magic, well that is the only thing I can say, that was kinda spooky.

I am a High Priestess, Awakened as Timelessness, I bring its Timeless Wisdom onto Earth, For all that Seeks, the True, I.

I have Discovered, that I am Light, this yields Timeless Wisdom, so a Wise Sage has, Rebirted.

For years, I was living life in the Darkness, as A Deprived Identity, I transcended that Identity, to Remain, as the True Self.

I am No Longer Bound, Yet FREE.

Consciousness, is my Carriage, God is my Wisdom, Freedom as Love.

I Only Praise, The Highest Almighty,

I am a Mirror, for the One, that resides within all,

God, Jah, Christ, Allah, Krishna, Buddha, Shiva, Yeshua, Siddhartha, Ramana, Papa J, Moojiji, AnandaMayiMa

I Bow before you, My Masters,

Thank you, You are my Wings,

I am Home.

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