Earthflower Spirituality



I NEVER EVER, Went to a Rehabilitation Clinic for Marihuana nor Anything ! 

Nobody Asked me to go to Rehab !

I have no Attachments, as all Attachments derives from the Egoic Mind, even if one thinks that a Sage should not smoke, because it should Not have an Attachment to Smoking, is an Attachment to Not Smoking, this is not Freedom.

To Remain Free, one has to Deprogram the Psychological Ego Mind, and this I have done. 

I Smoke alone, or socially, I use Cannabis Oil as Marihuana as a Preventative Medicine or as a Medicine.

As I am walking the Path of a Sage, this year I was placed into the Wilderness of the Self, as I was Tested by God.

As it will test ones Strength, as an Awakened One !

So after many manipulations of people, who were fighting the battles of their own Egoic Needs, to keep their Masquerade Shows intact and not to be Exposed, before others, as Liars, Fakes, Backstabbers, and Manipulators.

These People acted as Bullies, as they tried to “Attack” I, as I was Stuck in the Middle, of a Massive Egoic Drama. In a He said, She said, Bullshit, all Lies !

Now, because of this Shitty Drama, I had to keep it Hush, Hush, in order to Protect people’s Lives, yet, this Burned the Illusion of my Identity Completely, as, A Blessing in Disguise.

I had to pause, Detox, from The Plant Medicine Marihuana for 8 weeks, so that these people, that I know so well, were not Exposed for their Egoic Vicious Actions as Reactions.

By Remaining Awakened as, The Imperishable while Seeing all as the Destined Unfolding of God.

Ever Since, my perspective towards all Plant Medicine, especially Marihuana has Heightened tremendously, as I am a Chosen One, for the Revolution towards, The Legalization of all Plant Medicine.

I DO NOT have a Relapse !

Don’t make me Laugh, Harder.

It is Fucking Bullshit !

I am not Rebelling against anything, yet, I am Rebel for Truth and as Truth ! 


AWAKENED, As the True Self, via Direct Experience, as by closing these human eyes, I Remained, as The One Eternal Eye, of The Absolute Self,

Yet, want to know about I, Discover the Self, So one can Also Discover I,


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