Earthflower Poetry

You are Rolling Stones Magazine, itself🙃

If they do not Understand you,

Understand Them.

If they Hate you,

Fuck them, They Don’t Exist.

If they Lie about you,

You are a Rock Star.

If they Mock or Bully you,

Do not play it Safe,

Laugh at them like a Clown.

If they Talk, Spread Fake Rumors or Gossip about you,

You are Mega Interesting.

If they Stalk you,

You are Way Special.

If they Hack you,

You are Something Phenomenal.

If they Copy Cat you,

You are an Amazing Trend Setter.

If they Cat Fish you,

They are Intimidated by you.

If they Reject you,

Embrace it, it’s part of Life.

Just Know,

That You are LOVE, in Essence.

So, Trot the Cat Walk in Style,

You are Rolling Stones Magazine, itself.

Keep Being Fabulous,

Cheers to the Misfits,

Rebel your way Out,

Of that Deprived Identity,

As you are Called,

For the Inward Revolution,

Into the Discovering,

Of your True Self,

We are One,

We Come in Peace.


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