Earthflower Spirituality

Awakened as Truth💙

Awakened as Truth,

Exposes the Madness that is apart of you.

The illusion of Duality.

The Delusion of I am separated from You.

When One Awakens, one Discovers that I am the One Self within as expressed as the All.

Yet, Paradoxically I am Absolute, beyond the Dualism Life.

It is the Discovering of Ones Universality, as Ones Pure Emptiness.

Stillness means, that I am Pure Awareness.

I do not have a Body, Identity neither an Experience.

I am the One Observing the temporarily Play of Life.

As the Imperfect Play can only be Dreamed by the Perfect Dreamer, itself.

The Dreamer is Consciousness, temporarily portrayed as a human, and believing it is an Identity, when Consciousness Awakens from the Sleep, it Realizes, that it was all a Divine Dream.

Divine it is, as it is being Unfolded Naturally as Spontaneously, within the Destined Flow, according to the Laws of the Universe, as through the Divine itself, which is God.

God is also called, Lord Shiva, Lord Krishna, Allah, Buddha, Jehova, or Jah.

Goddess is also called, Shakti, Kali, Tara, Aphrodite, Athena, Lakshmi, Sarasvati, or Kuan Yin.

Consciousness is also called, Love, The Universe, Christ, Spirit, or Soul.

These are Several ways of connecting with the same Divine Light within, as its Highest Vibration, which is also you.

The Absolute however, has no real name, sex neither identity, of itself.

It is an Empty Space, as Pure Nothingness.

It birthed Consciousness, which created the Opposite of Polarities, that which Changes.









This is the Unconsciousness, it’s Thoughts, Habits, as Conditions are of the Identified Personal Identity, however, this is Consciousness own creation, which can also be called The Ego Mind, Lucifer, The Devil or the Serpent Voice.

As the Absolute itself, is Pure Emptiness it wanted to Experience as Express what it is to Be all of Life.

It created the Divine Play, called the Lila or the Maya.

As so, We are the Self, the Unchanging, Experiencing as Expressing the Changing, a temporarily human life as Consciousness.



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