Earthflower Poetry

I Arose as the Maha Shakti Durga✨

I Arose,

as Maha Shakti Durga,

As Truth,

As Power,

As Strength,

As Wisdom,

As Light,

As Freedom,

As Creativity,

As Divinity,

As Purity,

As Silence,

As Love,

As Peace,

As Joy.

I am the Embodiment of Magic,

The Expression of Femininity.

The Dance of Transcendence.

Thy Kingdom is for all that seeks, I.

I am the Illumination of Darkness,

The Innovation of Creation,

The Sensuality of Grace,

The Warrior of Light,

The Slayer of Pretenders,

The Voice of Truth,

The Protector of the Animals as Nature.

The Awakener of Sleepers,

The Wisdom of Silence,

The Eyes of the Absolute,

The Flow of the Mystics.

I Shutter the Low Vibrational Energies,

Into its Original Purity.

I Defend the Hearts of Hearts,

I am the Evidence that Consciousness is Existent.

I am the Stand of Inward Revolution,

I am the Goddess of Annihilation, Perservation as Creation.

Universally One,

I am the Invisible,


As the Glow of Light.


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