Earthflower Spirituality

Everywhere, I AM💛

Many says, She’s Changed !

Yet, Changing within the Unchanging, is a beautiful part of the game on Earth.

The Play of the Lila.

It is like we are Earth Flowers, we start as seeds, we grow into stems, afterwards we blossom into a Flower, to later on Bloom.

We are all Evolving within this Earthly Journey, to Awaken as the Self.

As Seeds our souls are young, as stems we are maturing, as a blossoming flower we have Evolved as old souls, as Blooming Flowers we are Awakened into Timelessness.

We are all Mirrors, walking each other Home, yet Paradoxically we are already Home.

Now, this is the part of the Spell, that we all must break, however, it will be done within Divine Timing.

As all is Unfolded, as it should via the will of God, Nothing is Good, Bad, Wrong, Slow, Fast, High nor Low, all of these stems from the Egoic Mind.

As look into Nature, all is happening as it should, the Tree, Flower, or Plant, is never competing with anything that surrounds it, it just let things unfold naturally.

The Sky, does not say to the Snow, Hail, Thunder, Rain, Sun or Moon, that they are not allowed to Be, it just is Open for all to Be, it accepts all as it is.

As, everything comes and goes.

It is not identified, neither attached, it does not fear, nor doubts, it does not expect, rejects, neither judges, it does not guilt trip, nor competes, it does not have any hidden agendas, it is not obligated neither obligates, as it does not take anything personal.

As we are also Nature, try not to identify with these Egoic Tendencies, Habits, as Conditions, that creates separation Within, as Without.

Rather, Be Aware as Expose them, to Remain as Universal Truth, so Ones life can Unfold, Organically, Spontaneously, Intuitively as Harmoniously.

Through Heart and as Heart, within the Synchronicity of the Cosmos, this is Consciousness Highest Unfolding.

Acceptance of the Changes yields Enlightenment.

As for I, I am Awakened, for that I am Changed, Yet, Paradoxically as The Unchanged.

I am in Bloom, as all that was not I, I have Transcended, to Remain as the True Self.

What is Good for I, is also Good for you, as we are, The One Self.

Everywhere, I AM


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