Earthflower Poetry

The Divine Goddess of Enlightenment✨

This Vastness of Space,

Is what I AM.

I entered the Matrix,

Oblivious of Truth.

I Transcended the Mystery,

That made me forget who I was.

I Awakened from the Sleep.

I Transformed the Black Roses,

Into its Original Purity.

Now, I am fully Aware of the Movie.

The Unfolding is always Unknown,

This is what makes it all so Fun.

The Actors are seen,

The Being is here.

The Movie has a Beginning as an End,

Yet, The Awareness is the Eternal One.

I am the White Tara,

The Demolisher of Untruths,

The Wisdom of Grace,

The Nurturer of Souls,

The Heart of Compassion,

The Divine Goddess of Enlightenment.


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