Earthflower Poetry

The Greatest Change of Perspective🙃

The Absolute Self,

Is the Unborn Awareness.


Is its Child.

A Divine Projection,

Of the Absolute Self.

It Projects Endless Imaginations,

Infinite Fantasies,

That are seen as a Dream.

The Play, Maya or The Lila.

It Consists of Countless Dimensions.

All Dimensions forms vary, has an Experience, as an Expression, holds a Consciousness Lesson and Growth, as it helps to Awaken the Soul.

The Absolute Self, which is Pure Emptiness, projects itself as Consciousness, which expands, in all Dimensions, as Forms, Experiences, Expressions, Lessons, Growth, as Awakening.

It is the One Self, projected Uniquely, within and as the All.

Yet, Paradoxically, it is Pure Nothingness.

It is the Unmoved, seen as Movements.

It is the Unborn, seen as Born.

It is the Unexperienced, seen as  Experiences.

It is the Untouched, seen as Touched.

It is the Unexpressed, seen as Expressions.

It is the Perfection, seen as Imperfections.

It is the Nothingness, seen as Everything.

It is the Silence, seen as Noises.

It is the Undivided, seen as Divided.

It is the Thoughtless, seen as Thoughts.

It is the Formless, seen as Forms.

It is the Unpainted, seen as Paint.

It is the Nameless, seen as Names.

It is the Undead, seen as Dead.

It is the Unknown, seen as Known.

It is the Limitless, seen as Limited.

It is the Eternal, seen as Temporarily.

It is the Imageless, seen as Image.

It is the Timelessness, seen as Time.

It is the Unchanging, seen as Changing.

Therefore, it is never really, an individual, identity, neither a person, nor persona.

It does not have a real name, race, sex, country, culture, religion, neither roles.

In Truth, it can never really, Experience, Express, Heal, Grow, Change, Awaken nor Die.

As The Greatest Change of Perspective, is to Discover this Consistent Truth, at the Highest Sight.

From the One True Eye, of the Absolute Self.

That all that is seen,

Is a Temporarily Dream,

Yet, a Persistent Illusion.


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