Earthflower Spirituality

Stop Stealing or Copy Catting, Awaken as The Self !

When the Community of Yoga, that I thought I could Embrace, rejected I, I felt kinda “confused”

As, I thought these Being were all about Universality.

I discovered that many “Yoga teachers” knew about the Fake Rumors, and they never messaged I, like a True Yogi, no, they continued to spread it, like a True Ego.

As, so I had to Transcend this limitation of the Egoic Mind, to be accepted, by others, and I Did !

I am Free of Caring, what other people think about I !

As So, in this Now, I can fucking Be.

Now, a couple of months ago, I have been directed via the Heart to go on the accounts of some of the “a Little Bit Known” Yoga Teachers.

As, I normally do Not Follow them, as they Pose their Super Hero Asanas, yet they don’t share any of their Own Raw True Stories.

But to my surprise, I saw that some of these Yoga Teachers, such as the accounts of, rootedinflowing and gypsyloveflow, paraphrase my words, without Quoting.

As, the words that I share, I have Discovered by sitting in Stillness, as Timelessness, for over a decade.

As so, I would NEVER EVER, go through any Artist’s artwork, to COPY their Art.

I have messaged, yet no answer came, as so I blocked them, As I saw, that they kept repeating this Egoic pattern.

I even wrote about Discovering Ones Own Art, as I also wrote about not stealing the Art of Unknown Artist’s, as this derives out of the Competitive Egoic Mind.

So, these teachers never came to tell I, the Fake Rumors that were being spread about I, yet they are my regular stalkers, as ghost followers, as they come on my pages daily, the Instagram, Facebook as The Webpage.

Just to Copy Paste my Consciousness expressions, its Art, while they themselves are Asleep, and not knowing what to express, as They are not Awaken yet.

What a Joke ! As, Its so Obvious !

These types of behaviors are happening since forever, people stealing the work of Art, of unknown Artist’s, and acting like it’s theirs.

It is the Action of The Ego Mind.

As, I am the Demolisher of Untruths, I will NOT leave this one Unnoticed, so here is some Untruth, to all the haters, the envious, as the jealous,

Get A Fucking Life,

Stop Stealing or Copy Catting,


as The Self !

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