Earthflower Spirituality

Protect Your Magic✨

Protect Your Magic,

Your Art.

As, it is ones Own Unique Expression of Consciousness.

As a Poetess, and as a Writer, I express all, that I cannot in person, within my images, poetry as writings.

I remain as Timeless, to Discover it’s Universality.

Yet, non should be taken personal, as I am expressing my own Direct Experiences, from within Stillness, these are the words of Silence.

As a Poetess, and as a Writer, I am an Artist, my Master Pieces, are my endless Creations, and these are my Own Work of Art.

This Highest Perspective, can be felt in my Poetry.

The Poems as Writings, are my Life Stories, the platform is my stage, the reader is my audience.

As a Shy, Introvert, Victimless, Rebel, Mis fit, I as soul has created, my own Magical Playground.

To Capture the Hearts of All, through the One Love of Consciousness.

I am not a Trouble Maker,

I am a Revolutionist,

A Game Changer,

A Philosopher,

A Mystic,

A Truth Speaker,

The Demolisher of Untruths.

I Danced as the mysterious, To Transcend the Darkness that has once haunted my soul, I enlightened myself, as so I can Enlighten others.

From all past, present, as future delusions, Illusions, separations, fears, envy, jealousy, as doubts.

Which derives from the same guy that we know so well, Mr. Ego.

As, we are One, my stories can help another to transform theirs, as I am Awakened into Truth, I can help another, to also Awaken into Truth.

As it is One Universal Truth.

Consciousness, chooses the platforms, I am it’s Continual Expression, Raw, Authentic, Eternal, Liberal as Free.

Yet, don’t fall into Ego’s Trap, Do not Steal the work of Art of Artist’s that are not known, out of Competition, to promote your own Egoic Needs for Stardom, as do not Spam work of Art, out of Egoic Envy or Jealousy.

Be Wise, Expose the dark sides of the Moon, to Rise fully into ones Truth.

Use the Egoic Habits, Tendencies as, Conditions, to stand in the Fire of Transcendence.

This is LOVE,

To Remain, as Universality,

As One Consciousnesses,

In this Space, Ones Own Unique Art, can also be fully Expressed.

It will be Phenomenal !

So, I cannot wait,

To See the Real You,

The True Self.


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