Earthflower Poetry

We are going Home, As One💙

Within a Dualistic State of Mind,

Awaken into Ones Heart of Oneness.

Transcend the Egoic Vanity,

The Shallowness,

The Delusions,

The Illusions,

The Self Praises,

The Self Admiring,

The Self Centered,

The Cockiness,

The Ego Centric,

The Egoism,

The Self Obsessed,

The Arrogant,

The Egotistical,

The Immodest,

The Conceited,

The Pride,

As all of these derives from the constipated, as limited Egoic Mind,

Turn all, into Limitless Love.

As Universal Love,

Is Discovering,

That I am, the Same in All.

One Consciousness, expressed as the Many.

I do not need fulfillment, from anything or anyone, to be filled.

I do not need Praises, from anybody, to feel as somebody.

I do not need to be anyone, than my own Self.

I am neither superior, nor inferior than no one.

As The Same Light that resides within I, resides within you,

As the Same Love that resides within I, resides within you,

As we are Created by the Same Divine Creator,

We are the Same Light as Love.

All that comes out, within my Poetry,

As through the Arts, of Dance as Music,

Are the Expressions, of Consciousness.

I do not write to Anybody,

As, I myself is Expressing,

Through this Form, not as a Somebody,

As in Truth, I am Nobody.

As, so, Do not Take I, at all Personally,

As, I do Not Take you, at all Personally.

As, it is the Soul, within, I, that Expresses, as I.

It is the Nameless.

As Consciousness, has No Name, as No Form, of itself.

It is the Energy of Eternal Love, as Freedom,

It’s Universality is Expressed, within as without.

As so, I See You,

As Consciousness,

As Heart.

To Awaken One,

As, I.

We are going Home,

As One.

We are One.


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