Earthflower Poetry

Its a Consciousness Revolution👽

In Life not many will understand, the choices one has made.

Many times, after a short while, we ourselves, will begin to understand these choices.

I was someone Very Naive, as I always try to see the Good in people.

I forgive and forget easily, I move Forward.

I don’t stay angry for too long.

Yet, a transformation, Occurred, through my own, Inner Awakening as, the Discovery of the Self.

The Self, Meaning, who, I was, before any experience, or Ego mind pre-programmings on this, Earthly Plane.

But when one Awakens, this does not mean that one has, No more Rights anymore, to say, No, when it is needed.

Sometimes, Consciousness itself,

Wants to say No !

No more, for Judging,

No more, for Abuse,

No more, for Suffering,

No more, for Jealousy,

No more, for Envy,

No more, for Evil,

No more, for Cunning,

No more, for Haters,

No more, for Mischiefing,

No more, for Hate,

No more, for Liars,

No more, for Copy Cats,

No more, for Stalkers,

No more, for Manipulators,

No more, for Backstabbers,

No more, for Discriminators,

No more, for Thief’s,

No more, for Illusions,

No more, for Delusions,

No more, for The Dualistic Mind,

No more, for the Unconscious.

It says, it is time to defeat, all Darkness,

To Destroy all Egos, that seems to take, Ones Consciousness, over.

It can even be within the form of ones own, Beloved.

As Love, is, knowing, That I am Love.

When one knows, I am Love,

One beams this Light, Effortlessly, in all possible ways, to desperately, help another to Awaken, into Truth.

I AM, a Chosen One, for this Work of Consciousness,

None, is out to get you, It’s only, the same guy,

It’s Name is, Mr.Ego.

A Speaker of Truth,

Has no more Friends,

As it’s Identity is now Gone,

It has Gained Universality.

It is the ALL in One and as One.

What doesn’t kill you,

Makes you Stronger,

Its a Consciousness Revolution.



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