Earthflower Spirituality

The Food of the Gods🌿

Instead of calling it a Drug, Call it Plant Medicine. As that is its Real Purpose, It’s Curative Abilities, A Magico Plant, A Consciousness Being. The Truth is it is also, One with All. A Natural Alliance, A Defender of Diseases, A Preventive Protector, Love as Plant Form, The Healer of the Nation, The Prettiest…… Continue reading The Food of the Gods🌿

Earthflower Poetry

The Queen of Kings👑

I Stand Fiercely, Expressing, Fearless Love. This Inner Nurture of the Self, Poised as Magic. A Sublime dance, With the Eternal Beloved. I am Transformed, As the Queen of Kings, The Eternal Wings of the Soul. On my Throne, I Observe, The Castle’s Opened Doors, As All can Enter Freely, To Rejoice as Heaven. Within…… Continue reading The Queen of Kings👑

Earthflower Poetry

The Divine Goddess of Enlightenment✨

This Vastness of Space, Is what I AM. I entered the Matrix, Oblivious of Truth. I Transcended the Mystery, That made me forget who I was. I Awakened from the Sleep. I Transformed the Black Roses, Into its Original Purity. Now, I am fully Aware of the Movie. The Unfolding is always Unknown, This is…… Continue reading The Divine Goddess of Enlightenment✨

Earthflower Poetry

The Greatest Change of Perspective🙃

The Absolute Self, Is the Unborn Awareness. Consciousness, Is its Child. A Divine Projection, Of the Absolute Self. It Projects Endless Imaginations, Infinite Fantasies, That are seen as a Dream. The Play, Maya or The Lila. It Consists of Countless Dimensions. All Dimensions forms vary, has an Experience, as an Expression, holds a Conscious Lesson…… Continue reading The Greatest Change of Perspective🙃