Earthflower Spirituality



Is Liberation of Labels, as Stigmatizing, the Self.

As Words are used for Expressing, yet Identifications with words, creates, an Identity, out of one.

An Awakened Being, is Free of Identifications, with the words it Expresses with.

It is only, when one deprograms it’s Egoic mind, from, its Thoughts, Believes, Ideas, Concepts, Programmings, Experiences, Habits, Conditions, as Identifications, one can remain, as the True Self.

The True Self, is in Truth, Pure Emptiness, this Nothingness, has an intelligence of itself, it is abundant, as its essence is of Joy, Love, Peace, Grace, Light, Compassion, Understanding, Oneness, as Freedom.

It is Actually, the Unspeakable, Beyond Words.

Now, Identifications creates Limitations, Un-identifications is Limitless.

Because, all experiences, as expressions yields Soul Awakening, yet, they are apart of the True I, of Consciousness.

It is only the Awareness, that is the Consistent Truth.

When discovering this, One Awakens from the Dream, called the Maya.

As the Dream, is Life itself, one is the actor playing a Temporarily role, through and as Consciousness, itself.

So, one can Feel, Taste, Express, and Experience, Duality, spontaneously, as Life itself.

Yet, Paradoxically, the Awareness is beyond the dream of Separation, as it observes Life, as a Film.

As so, it is always, Un-identified, Detached, Untouched, Limitlessness, as Universal.

When one believes, one is only the actor, its roles, as experiences, one becomes limited, attached, identified, as so, one feels, “touched” by ones Life Stories.

Yes, it Happened to “Me Too”

This host body, has Too much Me, as an Identity, and less I, of Being, as Consciousness, itself.

This Limited, “Little Poor Me” victim mentality, creates suffering to a constricted Identity.

Awakening from the Dream, yields Liberation from the Sufferer, as One Awakens into Ones Universality.

That, I am Beyond this Play of Duality,

As, I am All and All is I,

I am, even NONE,

For this, I can NEVER BE TOUCHED,


As the Absolute Self.



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