Earthflower Spirituality

The Universe has your back, ALWAYS💙

Following, Unfollowing as Blocking,

Is something of which I do not take at all personally, anymore.

As, I was Once did, I felt I was losing my sense of individuality.

Yet, this was the Most Amazing Thing that could have ever happen to me.

As, by becoming Aware of my previous hidden identifications, I could see, that I did care what others thought of me.

When Fake Rumors were spread so massively about me, within the past years, even within the “Yoga Community”

None told I, anything about it, so many instagram as Facebook, “friends as followers” started to Unfollow, or Unfriend I.

Yet, this inner Discovery brought I, Enlightenment, as I had to Transcend the dualistic thoughts that I had, which was to be Supported by others.

It is like the Ego Mind wants to be Seen, yet when one discovers that I am the same self within All, one is Always Seen.

As, within each eyes lies this Consistent Truth, that we are Eternally One.

After Discovering this inward Truth, by Recognizing the Self within all, I Remained Detached, as Unidentified, within the Maddest Year of my Life.

This is my Awakening, and I Honor all parts of it, and I mean EVERYTHING.

To Discover that I am the Imperishable only Seen temporarily as Perishable, brought me Endless Joy.

Because of this, I have Discovered, that Following, Unfollowing, as Blocking should not be taken Personally, which is within a closed Minded Identity, yet, it should be taken Openly, as Spirit is, within an Opened Heart.

As I Change, my friends as followers also Changes, this is a very organic, as a natural part of Soul Growth.

As Life is our own Mystical Play, as Earth is our Magical Playground.

As so, I Accept and Trust Life as it is.

Even, the ones who believed the Fake Rumors, or did also spread some, this also helped I, tremendously to Remain Detached, as Heart.

As, Heart is Freedom, Universal, as Limitless.

So, Never Ever Limit oneself in a Prison, of Expectations, Obligations, Fears, Judgement as Guilt.

As all these derives from the Limited Projections of The Psychological Mind.

Remain as Heart, FREE.

The Universe has your back, ALWAYS.

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