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Is Illuminati also Lingering within the Yoga Community ?

Is Illuminati also Lingering within the Yoga Community ?

As, Now-a-days most Yoga Teachers, are using Social Media to Market themselves, by wearing, promoting, as tagging brand names.

Everyone gets 15% off, Its so Funny Yo !

As, this Illuminati’s fucking system !

Which, is Using the Media, as in Television, Radio, Newspaper, or Now-a-days Social Media, to promote their mediocre Brands !

By getting the People hooked on their Shit, like Sheeps, Mehhh !

This is also how the Celebrities as Models make their Fame as Money, by promoting, as by wearing brand names.

Now, what I see, within the Yoga Community is the same, daily and I mean daily, you see Yoga Teachers, as Health Specialists, using brands names such as Aloyoga, to promote themselves.

As, when they do, you see daily propagandas, of them wearing these brand names on instagram, it is like Television commercials, as these teachers are competing with one another.

It’s Mind blowing to see, how these teachers, who are now, also, sheeps of the system, use their bodies, as the Practice of Yoga, to promote brand names just to become known, as Famous, and boy I tell you, they do !

Now, this is the Masquerade show of the Ego Mind, my friends !

As it is the same guy, acting as different roles, within all types of Communities, even the “Spiritual Ones”

Now, how can one Be the Change ? One has to First Awaken, from the Sleep.

As Yoga, is a practice to Merge, the Ego mind into Heart.

To Practice Self Inquiry, as to discern what is deriving from the Egoic Mind or the Heart.

To Discover the Truth, of who one is.

That, I am Consciousness expressing a Temporarily life, as I am not a Role, neither an Identity.

As, all that one has or is experiencing is for ones Highest Awakening.

To not bound to any delusion, but use everything the Good, Bad as Ugly for the discovering of ones Truth.

After that, Let Consciousness spontaneously Express it’s Originality, It’s Purity, It’s Love, its Peace, it’s Universality, as you.

One, will transcend the Limited Projections of the Egoic Mind, To Awaken, as the True Self.

As, a Mirror, a Student, a Mentor, and a Master to all.


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