Earthflower Spirituality

Soul Love💙

I quite often, receive this message, I am in Love with You, do You want to Marry me ?

Well, let’s see, are you really in Love with I ? Or just in Lust with me ?

Because, to be, in Love with I, as the I of Consciousness, is being In love with the One Self, which expands within all.

Therefore, this Being must Awaken into its Highest Truth, that we are, ONE CONSCIOUSNESS.

This is the Love of the Beloved, as, within all eyes, resides the One True Self, HOME.

Yet, most are still Asleep, so they are not in Love with the I, of Consciousness, as they see through the Eyes of Person, the I expect, want, desire or need something from you.

They can never help one without any Expectations.

Because of its identification with the Egoic Mind, which creates a sense of Victim Mentality, it says to one, nobody cares, understands, gives back, or loves me, they all use me.

Now, if one believes in these Low Vibrational thoughts, one is separated from Heart, as so one would never ever help another, without asking for something in return.

This is why, most men, are actually, in Lust with an Imaginary Identity.

So, they create Fantasies, made by their Limited Egoic Minds, and become Delusional, as they believe that these thoughts, and visions are Real.

This is why one is in Love with a Fantasy, I call it Ego Love.

Because, the I of the Identity or person, in this case Elaine Prince, is an Illusion, as, I, as Consciousness itself, has burned down that illusionary Dream, of a Person, to remain, as I AM.

Of Course, I still react, when I am called Elaine, as this Name was given to me, for temporarily Earthly experiences.

Yet, I have discovered that my role and form, as Elaine Prince, are only Temporarily, as the Consistent Truth, is Spirit, which is the Eternal One.

Now, to be In Love with I, one must Discover, who One is.

Which is that I am Universal Love, itself.

Within this Infinite Space, two hearts becomes One.

Here, No Expectations and No Bodies are found, as it is the Limitless Space of the Self.

Here, One is not in love with an Identity, neither Person, nor Personality.

One is the Beloved,

As the Loved,

One is One,

One Love.

This is Soul Love.


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