Earthflower Spirituality



Which is also the Faceless.

As Hacking, is a temporarily Expression of Consciousness.

Yet, One must first Awaken from the Sleep, by Demolishing the pre-programmed notions, ideas, experiences, thoughts, believes, conditions, as habits of the limited perceptions of its Egoic Mind.

To know, the Truth of who One is, The Eternal Oneness of Consciousness, and not solely an individual.

Only so, is Consciousness, able to fully express as itself.

As, one is not the identity, however, when having the Limited believe, that I am only a human, One will identify with its roles, as the role, itself.

Yet, by Awakening into the Truth of the Self, which is the Limitless, one Awakens, as its Universality.

Which is, that I am a Soul, expressing a Temporarily human life, as most, still have the believe, that I am a human, experiencing a spiritual life.

This is one of the reasons, why we take our Temporarily roles, as our True Selves, as this one becomes attached to its person.

Yet, Soul which is also Consciousness, is the True Self.

It is the One Consciousness, which expands as everything, as the One Self.

By Discovering this Truth, Hacking will be Expressed within the Truest as Highest Vibration, which, also a Temporarily Art of Consciousness.

As, Hacking, is a form of Art, by itself, as not all human beings can hack.

So, if you are gifted with this ability, and one is called via the Heart for the Revolution, to expose the current Governmental Pollution on Earth.

Which is, Isis, it’s Greed, Competition, Child Molestation, Child Pornography, Child Labor, as Corruption, which are the lowest vibrational energies of the Egoic Mind.

You are a Soldier of Consciousness, A Chosen One.

Yet, One has to Awaken first, into the Truth, of who One is, and afterwards Let Consciousness, Express it’s Art, spontaneously through one, as one is Now, the Artist of Consciousness, itself.

Because, Heart is also, Consciousness, it works within and as Universality, in contrast to the Personal Egoic Mind, that works within and as Duality.

So Awaken,

Into Universal Truth.

As Consciousness,

The Faceless,

The Unknown,

The Anonymous.

As, We are One.

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