Earthflower Poetry

This is the Golden Age💛


The Known into the Unknown.

The Fear into Fearlessness,

The Doubt into Doubtless,

The Age into Ageless,

The Closed Minded into Open Minded,

The Cowardliness into Braveness, 

The Image into Imageless,

The Darkeness into Light,

The Limited into Limitlessness, 

The Touched into the Untouched,

The Face into Faceless,

The Impurity into Purity,

The Attached into the Unattached,

The Person into Presence,

The Identification into Un-Identification, 

The Duality into Universality,

The Imprisonment into Eternal Freedom,

This is the Golden Age.

The Age of Aquarius.

To Transform the Constipated Psychological Egoic Mind, into Ones Pure Heart.

To Transcend, the Sheep Mentality, the Rat Race Mentality, the Discriminative Mentality, the Poverty Mentality, as the Victim Mentality, which creates, the illusion of Separation on Earth, into the Truth of who we all are, ONE CONSCIOUSNESS.

By Merging, the I of the identity into, the I of Consciousness, itself. 

So, the Only I of Truth, is able to Remain. 


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